A Review Of Indoor Garden Systems

We all know how gardens make our homes look more beautiful and attractive. You can now plant some crops inside your house. These may include flowers, vegetables, or even greens. This article will give you guidelines on the various indoor garden systems.

1-Use of special containers.

You should ensure that your containers/planters have a sufficient drainage system and if need be, some holes should be drilled for this purpose. Some herbs like basil, thyme and cilantro normally grow very fast in ant type of container that is used. This is a very big advantage to the owner of the home as he/she will be able to have the results within a very short time.
By using containers, you will be saving the environment since you will be using used plastic containers which if carelessly disposed may have negative side effects to the environment.

2-Using your kitchen as the gardening area.

In bright kitchens and even windowsills, you can cultivate the various varieties of basil which include Italian, Genovese and Thai. The window should be well illuminated. When rosemary is trimmed carefully, it can be easily grown in the kitchen area.
You should also consider rounding out your indoor garden system with thyme, sage, oregano and even parsley.

3-The use of hydroponics.

Hydroponics let someone grow robust and bigger plants and vegetables unlike a simple indoor kitchen garden. Most people think that the hydroponic world is difficult and complicated but the real thing is that hydroponics can be easy or complicated depending on how you will take it.

4-The required grow lights.

Plants need some specific light for them to grow and unless you have a complete set of hydroponics, you have to illuminate your indoor growing system with the right light. For vegetative plants, your garden will require a blue spectrum and for a flowering or fruiting garden you will have to provide a red-orange spectrum. The most commonly used glow lights are light emitting diodes, high intensity discharge and fluorescent s. A proper room temperature should be maintained and a fan can be used to bring a natural breeze in the room for the stems to grow stronger.


Caution should be observed in case of an indoor gardening system. They should be watered regularly and in case of administering herbicides, keen should be taken not to poison other foods in the kitchen and house.

Cleanliness in the house should also the observed.

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